September 2013

Products Changing the Landscape of Bed Bug Treatments

By:  Jim Ballard

Progress is slowly being made in terms of identifying those products that are actually changing the landscape of bed bug treatments.  Changing the landscape means that the product is a top performing product compared to similar products and resistance in bed bug populations does not...

August 2013

A Look at the Latest in Bed Bug Research

by Jim Ballard 29 Jul 2013

Behavioral Responses of the Bed Bug to Permethrin-Impregnated ActiveGuard® Fabric

Five populations of bed bugs were exposed to the untreated and permethrin impregnated fabric (ActiveGuard®).  No repellency was noted based upon video tracking data.  In another test, after only...

May 2013

Five Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

The common bed bug has long been a pest by feeding on blood, causing itchy bites and causing irritation and mental anxiety to their human hosts.  While they have not been found to transmit disease, they are an important public health pest.

The best way to determine whether or not you have bed bugs is to...

November 2012

ActiveGuard® Mattress Liners vs Encasements

The ActiveGuard Mattress Liner is a polyester fabric formed in the shape of a fitted sheet.  The elastic edges of the active liner are tucked under the mattress or box spring upon which it is placed.  The ActiveGuard Mattress Liner is impregnated with 1.64% permethrin and kills bed bugs.  There is only one...